Café Duran Geisha


Discover Café Durán Geisha – A Coffee of Unparalleled Excellence

Experience coffee perfection with Café Durán Geisha—a world-renowned gem grown in Volcán’s microclimate and volcanic soil. Elevating at over 1,400 meters, handpicked winning coffee farms from Best of Panama competition ensure its exceptional quality.

Delight in a delicate and light-bodied coffee with captivating flavors of red fruits, ginger, and citrus (citronella and tangerine). The unique roast profile, Café Durán’s signature touch, brings out delicate floral notes of jasmine and enticing citrus aromas.

Savor the coveted essence of Geisha coffee, an unparalleled experience cherished by coffee connoisseurs worldwide. Unleash the exceptional taste crafted with passion and precision in every cup of Café Durán Geisha.

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