Kotowa Coffee


Kotowa Coffee: A Unique and Delicious Coffee with a Fascinating Backstory

Kotowa Coffee is a unique and delicious coffee that is grown and roasted in the foothills of Boquete. The story of Kotowa Coffee begins in the early 1900s, when Mr. Alexander Duncan Macintyre read an article about Boquete in a magazine.

Four generations later, the Macintyre family is still growing and processing Kotowa Coffee in the same traditional way.

Available in Different Roast options:

    •  Light Roast: Light body and citrus floral aroma with sweet aftertaste.
    • Medium Roast: Floral aroma of citrus and fruity tones (chocolate with nuts).
    • Dark Roast: Heavy Body with aroma of dark chocolate and spices with a sweet aftertaste.