Café Durán de Altura


Café Durán de Altura: A Pure and Flavorful Coffee from the Highlands of Chiriquí

Café Durán de Altura is a 100% Arabica coffee that is grown and roasted in the highlands of Chiriquí, Panama. The coffee is hand-picked and extra fine-ground, which ensures that the water carries much more coffee compounds during brewing, resulting in a purer coffee with way more flavor than the regular grind.

Café Durán de Altura has a balanced body and a smooth, rich flavor. It is perfect for those who enjoy a cup of coffee that is both flavorful and smooth. The coffee is also high in antioxidants, which can help to improve your health.

Café Durán de Altura is a great choice for those who are looking for a premium coffee with a pure and flavorful profile. The coffee is also a great way to support a family-owned business that has been growing coffee in Panama for over 100 years.

Buy your bag of Café Durán de Altura today and experience the pure and flavorful coffee for yourself!

  • Available in Extra fine or Regular grind.