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The Panamanian Mystery Coffee Pack

Get a Surprise at your doorstep (or mailbox) every month with the taste of some of the best coffee in the world!

The Panamanian Mystery Coffee Pack was born by the kindness of a friend who received as a thank you gesture, some of my own selections of coffee produced here in Panama...

As he really liked it and asked me to send some more blindly (he didn’t had any idea of what brand, type of roast, etc I was going to send out) I’ve created the Mystery Coffee Pack as Panama is producing some of the best coffee… You can quickly google search “Geisha Esmeralda” and see for yourself.

Your Monthly package will have:

  • At least half pounder (220 grams) of Panama's best coffee.

    This could be dark roast, light roast... Geisha or Premium Arabica

important: Please make sure to select "Grounded" if you want your beans... grounded.